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Water is defined as the outstanding solvent that nature has created, and in fact almost any material configuration dissolves with the help of water.

Including calcium and magnesium that produce at the end of the process, scale, scale damage and rust.

The amazing process that water goes through in the world is a procedure called “water cycle” clear wholes are of paramount importance in our lives from the internal structure of the body, drinking and growing food, transporting loads across rivers and seas as well as transporting waste out of the house, it is worth noting Water is rich in light metals, ie water that can produce scale, while transporting loads on the water (sailing, etc.) has no value for the issue of scale, although in the field of sailing it is customary to paint the surface of vessels that come in direct contact with water to prevent algae growth (beard) For propellers and vessel wall.

There is no doubt that without  water  , life on Earth would not be as it is and there can be no life and / or any kind of life as we know it today. I can imagine water without life, but certainly not life without water. After all, our whole world will soon become arid, a world that is desolate and constantly dry!






This phenomenon will cause our world to be exposed to extreme temperature differences that will destroy any kind of life form as we know it today. Apparently the structure of three atoms in a water molecule was supposed to be a structure of a gas molecule, since every three molecule is a gas. The water has a specific heat that is relatively high and equal to 1! Adding a temperature to water at 1 degree requires only one calorie!

For comparison, specific heat in iron is 0.11. For high heat content in water, there is a direct consequence of weather changes, since water balances and moderates the ambient temperature because it absorbs heat from the air during hot days and emits heat out in cold days.
Example: In the Ulmansk region of Siberia, which is in a terrestrial environment, the temperature range will range from 22 to 37 degrees, but on the island of Shetland, which is in the same latitude and located in the heart of the ocean, the temperature shift is between 15 and 5 degrees.

Therefore, this temperature range is due to the restraining effect and the seawater conditioning. It must be noted that the above data refers to water only without the dissolved minerals slightly changing the values.

It is clear to us that the available water contains as stated the potential for scale generation, scale damage and rust.

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