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Tartar is a final configuration of crystallization of light metals such as calcium and / or magnesium and this derivative can not be separated, certainly not in the human body, tartar can sink only once so that the components of tartar cannot be separated.

On the other hand, calcium and especially magnesium are free, they are definitely good for health and this cannot be argued.

What bothers us in the formation of scale is mainly the calcium that crystallizes at a very low temperature and is both a nuisance and financial damage estimated at billions of dollars every year.

If the calcium in tartar had a healthy value then simply eating cheese or drinking milk can return huge amounts of calcium to the body.

But since cheese, as well as calcium milk, is bound, it has no health value! And if there is a lack of calcium in the daily dose we consume, it can be obtained in other foods without any problem.

Magnesium, on the other hand, is a mineral whose deficiency can cause a variety of diseases, especially heart disease. Magnesium deficiency in the human body cannot be detected by a blood test!

Difficult to consume the requisite levels of magnesium consumed, so must consume mineral important food additives (such as spherical magnesium citrate)
should put the emphasis on differences in areas invested between calcium and magnesium, as calcium sinks at low temperatures, we are damaged and reveal damage scaling mainly pipes, boilers, washing machines and sanitary ware.














On the other hand, magnesium sinks at high temperatures, so there is no need to fight it.
The areas of sunset create an opportunity for companies that know how to treat tartar, such as drop tech, with the help of the bio-magnet in Lotus, and thus it is possible to treat tartar without obscuring magnesium values. (For tests by the Ministry of Health for magnesium in Bluetooth) . As evidence of desalinated water that lacks both magnesium and calcium, it was decided to artificially add magnesium to the water to eliminate the medical damage of drinking water that lacks this important mineral, and calcium deficiency is not a consideration.

Moreover, since desalinated water is lacking in this mineral, a “domino effect” is created for additional needs, such as irrigation in agriculture and the finished products, which are fruits and vegetables.

Hence if we think we are deficient in magnesium and supplement deficiencies of this important mineral with the help of fruits and vegetables, the answer here is unequivocal — even these fruits and vegetables are without the mineral.  Of course, a red flag was raised and the government was required to intervene, but since this move requires money, then of course there is no budget.

According to a study conducted in two hospitals where patients come from areas that consume desalinated water, an interesting phenomenon was discovered.

There is a clear 25% increase in heart disease in areas that drink desalinated water.

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