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How does “lead” get out of the water for our children – and what is the solution

We will ignore for a moment immediate threats like the corona and understand how the person is supposed to protect himself from

long-term threats.

  • How does “lead” come from the water, for our children – and what is the solution 

  • Why are the infertile victims of “lead” children and infants?

  • Why are 72% of students from a particular area diagnosed with a learning disability?

  • Is it worth breastfeeding instead of using tap water?

  • Does boiling water solve the problem?

  • Maybe you should get out of the country?

  • Does “water softener” solve the “lead” problem?

  • Is mineral water a good solution?

  • What is the safe threshold for “lead” in the body?

  • Is there a danger of bathing in water containing “lead”?

  • Do water filters with an “Israeli standard mark” remove “lead” from the water?

  • Is there a solution to lower the “lead” values ​​for all the water in the house?















Questions and Answers


Why are the infertile victims of “lead” in the water, infants, and children up to the age of 6?  

Since this is the critical age range for brain development, and the “lead” severely impairs this development, and in addition, the human body has difficulty eliminating the “lead” that may remain in the body for decades, the “lead” is 50% more harmful in infants/children than in adults.


Why are 72% of students from a particular area diagnosed with a learning disability?

The professional literature speaks of only 5% of severe learning disabilities and a maximum of 12% of mild learning disabilities, in the general population in the countries of the world. logical level of learning disabilities is higher among youth who were not entitled to adulthood, otherwise, it is likely this youth was indeed entitled to adulthood, and therefore we can assume that we may even reach the level of 91% of learning.

And the main question is,

is it a coincidence that in areas where lead contaminants have also been detected in drinking water, there has been a drastic increase in learning disabilities?

Maybe you should breastfeed instead of using water-based food substitutes?

With such an assumption, surely every mother will decide to breastfeed the child until the age of 18, but we are sorry to disappoint you, the “lead” also passes in breast milk, while breastfeeding.


Does boiling water solve the “lead” problem?

On the contrary, boiling the water exacerbates the problem in that boiling raises the concentration of “lead”, since during boiling some of the water evaporates and reduces the volume of water, but the level of “lead” remains stable and constant. The problem of “lead” in water is global.

Does “water softener” solve the “lead” problem?

“Water softener” increases the concentration of “lead” in the water, since soft water encourages the “lead” components from the pipes and fittings to fall into the water, and the best example is the recently revealed “espresso machines” affair. Moreover. Homemade water softener (ion exchanger), outlawed for domestic uses, due to the discharge of the concentrate water to the sewer that enriches the
aquifers with salt (aquifers – underground springs, which are an important water source for drinking purposes), and mainly for health reasons, due to rising sodium levels in the water. To raise blood pressure, and a dangerous deficiency of “magnesium”, so that water softener is both illegal and unhealthy.


Is mineral water a good solution?

Not necessarily, mineral water bottles can contain a dangerous amount of artificial “estrogen”. Severely damaging to the human body. So the issue of drinking mineral water, and especially preparing baby food, is problematic.

On the other hand, in showers with mineral water bottles, there should be no health problem, provided that the water is not drunk during the bath, and economic considerations, as well as the physical weight of carrying the “sixes”, must be considered.


Is there a threshold for lowering the “lead” from the water?

There is no safe threshold, as the permissible “lead” levels in drinking water are estimates only, for two main reasons, one being that the values ​​set were set at a time when measuring instruments failed to measure values ​​below 10 PPB, so this is the lower threshold set, second reason Is that it is not possible to perform “clinical studies” on hazardous substances in humans, and certainly not in children and/or infants who are unable / authorized to sign a participation agreement in a medical experiment.


Is there a danger even in bathing in water containing ” lead “?

In our opinion, the damage in the shower is greater and more dangerous.
The damage of drinking direct water with “lead” values ​​is much talked about, as this issue mainly promotes the interests of mineral water companies, which are both economically based and create advertising “spins” in condemnation of tap water, thus increasing the sales of mineral water.

The issue of the “lead” levels we absorb in the shower has not been thoroughly investigated, although the US Department of Health has discussed the issue, and said its word unequivocally and completely, the “lead” penetrating the human body during the shower is important to know that:

  • In drinking, the “lead” first reaches the stomach, and some of it reaches the bloodstream from the stomach.

  • In the shower, the “lead” reaches the bloodstream in a shorter way, not through the stomach.

  • Absorption of “lead” through the water in the bath/shower occurs in seven main ways:

    • Through the pores of the skin throughout the body – the short way to the bloodstream

    • Through cuts and wounds in the skin, scalp, and mouth/gums – the short way to the bloodstream.

    • Through the breath – the short way to the bloodstream

    • Through the eyes/ears – the short way to the bloodstream.

    • Through the penis/vagina- through the genitals/reproduction

    • Through the anus/hemorrhoids- through the intestine into the bloodstream

    • Through the mouth in swallowing water- through the stomach into the bloodstream

  • Note that out of 7 possibilities of “lead” penetrating the bloodstream, there is only one possibility in which the “lead” may reach through the stomach, partially and indirectly, and 6 shorter ways, faster and more direct, without “mediation” of the stomach, which may lower the level of “lead” that passes into the bloodstream.

  • While an adult showers with an amount of water that is more than half his weight (40 liters), babies shower with an amount of
    water that is 20 to 50 times their body weight. The “lead” that penetrates the bloodstream, swirls between all the “soft organs” (spleen, liver, brain, etc.) for
    several weeks, and only then settles, in the bones and teeth.

  • Blood pressure is almost the same between an adult and a baby, so the amount of blood circulation in an infant is up to 10 times greater than in an adult.
    This means that in the same unit of time and under the same conditions, a baby exposes all the “soft” organs in his body, to an amount of up to 10 times more
    “lead” cycles than an adult, especially in the critical period, of the “migration” time between the organs. Soft to the bones.


Is there a threshold for the amount of “lead” allowed in the human body?

It does not seem to us that a serious research institute would be able to answer such a question.

There is no safe threshold for lead in drinking water. A standard for drinking water recommended by the World Health Organization, based on analytical and therapeutic capabilities, and not on protection Negative health that is, it stems from the detection sensitivity threshold of the analytical measuring instrument, which existed at the time the standard was set, and not for health reasons. 

The “Scientific Committee on Health and Environmental Risks” in Europe stated in 2011 that “even if, and when the future standard in Europe (10 PPB) is met, there may be negative effects, and there is justification, for additional restrictions on population exposure to lead”.


How can we calculate the amount of “lead” we may absorb from the water?

As stated, it is not possible to know with certainty since no clinical research has been conducted, it can be assumed, and below is a logical hypothesis. Suppose an adult weighing about 80 kg drinks water with permissible values ​​of up to 10 PPB “lead”, the human body absorbs up to 80% “lead” directly into the bloodstream, That is 8 PPB, especially on days when he eats little.
A baby/child who weighs 10 kg (1/8 of adult weight) and drinks exactly the same water and under the same conditions, as we adults drink, but with one big difference, that the amount of “lead” that is injected into the bloodstream will be equal to 10 times the lead. Than an adult, ie about 80 PPB and another 50% due to his young age, that is, the amount equivalent to 120 PPB, since the absorption levels of the” lead “from the stomach, to the blood circulation is 50% greater in children than in adults.


And what does the American Health Organization say about the issue of “lead” in drinking and showering?

The amount of lead entering the bloodstream from the water is 50% greater in infants and children than in adults.
Although no clinical study has yet been conducted, the American Health Organization has unequivocally stated that water containing “lead” does enter the bloodstream through the skin during the shower.


The “lead” from consumer products, actually implemented?

In the 1980s, the “man” realized that “lead” was indeed harmful to health, hence the terms of “lead-free” paint for fear of swallowing and/or breathing “lead”, especially from walls and indoor furniture.
As well as beyond the “lead-free” fuel, to prevent the “lead” breathing from the exhaust gases of the vehicles. However with drinking water, “the war issue ” has only just begun, as far as inspecting more, discover more abnormalities of the” lead “, the water we drink, especially when you shower the lead inhaled fumes danger inherent in “lead” in drinking water?

There are places in the world ‘Man’ is indeed realized, for example in the US, when a person buys a relevant screening system for home, he gets partial credit concluding paid by the authorities, and that the state encourages citizens to maintain health, probably affair town “Flint” Michigan, where authorities hid the level of “lead” in the drinking water, it did its thing.


Is there a solution to lower the “lead” values ​​for all the water in the house?

“Hybrid Lotus” – a water filter installed at the entrance to the house, and the only one that lowers at least 40% of the “lead” levels that come from the network water and the lead that falls from the brass connectors inside the house, prevents “tartar” and adds 60 mg of healthy “magnesium”. A number of rules, the most important of which are not to drink water and/or shower when hungry, thus significantly reducing the absorption of lead in the bloodstream.

Nutrition with “Lotus” installed in the house:

  • It is recommended to divide the meals into several meals a day. With the maximum amount of “lead” allowed in the network water (10 PPB), the maximum level of “lead” that may enter the infant/child blood circulation will be negligible and unmeasurable (about 0.9 PPB) and for an adult even less than the unmeasurable level (about 0.6 PPB).

  • It is recommended to eat solid food first, such as meat, cheese, potato, rice, etc., and only after there is food in the stomach, to drink the water. For clarification, foods that consist mostly of water such as soup, jelly, ice cream, compote, etc., are recommended to be eaten only after solid food.

  • Showers for babies and adults When a “lotus” is installed
    in the house, it is recommended to shower when not hungry, and install the “lotus” for an excellent solution, then the values ​​of exposure to “lead”
    will be negligible, to the point of immeasurability.

  • For babies showering in the bath, the bath should be filled with cold tap water, and cold tap water should be boiled in order to obtain a desired temperature in the bathwater.

Who is the H2onero system for?

The h2onero system is intended for all citizens in the world, and especially for anyone who wants to take a shower and drink quality water that is treated against scale, lead and not lower the level of “magnesium” from the water.

If a baby food factory uses all the product production lines in the H2onero product and this factory has the strictest approvals and standards, for the purposes of producing baby food, then indeed the “Lotus” must be installed in every home in the world.

The following is the text from the company’s website, where the “Lotus” filters are installed for the production lines of baby food products:

  • In the state-of-the-art factory, the product is produced without human contact, in a state-of-the-art machine.

  • The plant implements very strict quality standards, such as the international HACCP standard for food producers, the GMP standard, and the ISO 9001 standard.

The maximum level of “lead” allowed in drinking/bathing water is 10 PPB.

This level should reach the body at the end of the process of flowing water from the carrier/aquifer.

So if the supplied water already comes with an understandable level of 10 PPB, and additional water values ​​are also “allowed” from the water pipes, connectors, taps, water clock, and possibly also a filter containing “anti-scale” material (even if the system has
a standard mark TI 1505 / 1), the maximum value that will reach us, per glass of drinking/bathing water may reach 60 PPB, which is very severe and disproportionate. Also, that the minimum level of magnesium in the current public health regulations is “0 ″,

and therefore, the minimum value of magnesium must be urgently returned to 50 PPM as it was in the previous public health regulations

(p. 10).

It may harm the “desalination plants” in the short term, as magnesium water does not have these values, but such a move will encourage the government to enrich the “desalination water ” with magnesium and not calcium, thus preserving the
the health of the citizens, and preventing unnecessary diseases.


What can the state do about water in order to maintain the health of its citizens?

1) To return each citizen his money, for the purchase of a system that takes care of “lead” for the entire house, such as the “lotus” as is done in the United States.

2) To require every importer/manufacturer of beverage products, to test “lead” for its products, and to comply with the relevant standards.

3) Oblige every manufacturer/importer to write on the product/packaging and advertising materials the “lead” values ​​he adds, as well as to warn
the public about “removing” magnesium “values, if he omits

4) Understand and assimilate that the maximum threshold of 10 PPB will be tested in the citizen’s cup at home.

5) Further to Article 2, governments must lower the maximum threshold for
complex products one after the other, ie from the national water supply source, through the piping to the water tap in the civilian house, so that the total “lead” content does not exceed 10 PPB.

6) To oblige government standards bureau’s to disqualify systems that handle scale and the “lead” service for water, even if these systems have a standard mark 1505/1 for filtration, as well as to prohibit their marketing, export of these products to other countries, e.g. Tova is the United States and China that allow factories to produce
unsuitable products for drinking, for export purposes only. It is important to understand that systems that treat scale are not mandatory systems, such as plumbing,
faucets, etc., and the citizen can live without them, and in some cases, even more years.

7) To restore the magnesium level, as it appeared in the old, good, and old “Public Health Regulations” so that the water suppliers will also check, and also report to the citizens what is the magnesium level supplied to homes so that the public
knows what it drinks and if it does. Necessary for health.

8) To force the relevant bodies to report in real-time and in full transparency, the results of the water test to the citizen, even if the results are exceptional, and to provide an immediate solution as a permanent solution to the problem.

We are comfortable assuming that all the components that carry the water all the way to our home meet the standard threshold of up to 10 PPB, which cannot be said with certainty on all products, as some are simply not tested because the importer declares that the accessories are for irrigation and gardening purposes, which currently means – a standard does not apply.

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