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Water is a survival necessity for the existence of the animal world as well as the plant world.

When it comes to water, we do not mean the basic composition of water (H2O) but water that contains natural

minerals such as calcium and magnesium for the purpose of balancing the water in terms of the reaction ratio,

in the case of the above minerals we call it scale and most of our impudence also scale damage.

It is true that boiling water causes some of the calcium and magnesium derivatives to become scale or scale damage,

but it must be remembered that the importance of water for processing purposes for life must be alkaline and not acidic water, otherwise an unhealthy chain of field crops is formed mainly without magnesium (hence desalinated water) . This mineral is important in eating vegetables, in drinking water without magnesium (we have already said that this is actually the value for the potential to produce scale).

Hence water is a primary and basic condition for the life of organisms and microorganisms in the liquid, not only that also on land water has an essential need for every kind of life form.

Creatures in nature contain high water content (for example 80% of the mass of the human body) and water is a necessary component in the blood, in the intercellular solution as well as in the cells.

Therefore the water in addition must be balanced in terms of the response ratio and contain light metals capable of producing scale and / or scale damage.

It is therefore very puzzling that companies are emerging that try to get these important minerals out of the water in order to avoid scale that is perceived as harmful.
But what about the essential magnesium component? Therefore a distinction must be made between water containing calcium and magnesium and their potential to produce scale or scale damage.

The role of water in life processes (food digestion processes, food decomposition processes, the process of excreting fluid out of the body in a sweat configuration, photosynthesis, comparing dissolved concentrations in body cells and blood fluid as well as secretion processes) is necessary for the concept of “living” to discuss balanced water. Producing scale is the basic condition for the concept of water.
Water with the ability to produce scale is a critical factor in the climatic, soil, agricultural existence, etc.

Water is the most natural, powerful and destructive factor that nature has created – in view of the tsunami phenomenon, the flood phenomenon, the rotation of the earth (since the water mass moves as solid at different speeds and continues to move at the cessation of movement, and as mentioned water should not only be treated as H2O). Such as the ability to produce scale.

Despite the solubility of minerals in water and the ability to scale, water is actually a transparent substance (excellent for growing plants in water, algae and even shrimps and fish), colorless, with a variety of light metals such as calcium, magnesium, etc. and in short with an ability to discuss scale and the ability to produce scale, Smells and / or tastes. The chemical structure of water is two atoms of hydrogen and a single atom of oxygen, this is the simple explanation that is explained to us, but the composition is much more complex, water comes in chains of up to 14 water molecules per whole derivative of water.

The tendency in the new concept is to reach chains of 5 molecules so that the blood body will benefit more from the body’s water processing to improve the body ‘s ability to process water. The new concept in the world also talks about the pH values ​​of water around 9, while in the world In ours it is interpreted as scale, or scale damage caused by the dissolved minerals that give high PH.


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